Hello Battalion,

My Name is Maxim Knorz and I am Generalist Designer. For more than seven years I now work as a freelancer with focus on motion design, branding and lately web design again.

The number one work and life principle that leads me is unconditional responsibility. A job for me is more than just meeting deadlines. Diving deep into the process of work with clients and guiding them towards their business goals is the way I like to deliver.

Together with your team and my Swiss army knife like skillset we will help your clients become the 2% surviving start-ups. My strengths are Design Thinking, Animation with Aftereffects & Cinema 4D and Webdesign with webflow and Wordpress, including knowledge of HTML and CSS. Using the Adobe programs is like riding a bike for me.

I would be very happy hearing from you.

Best wishes

Maxim Knorz

+49 (0) 159 06 05 90 99



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