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Full Stack Designer Maxim Knorz

Moving Design
for world savers

From Brand Strategy to Motion Design
‍You get the full s with heart, mind and craft.

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I  work with brands too

Full Stack Design brands I worked with - arte, Schöffel, mdr, PSI, Inscyd, Ard, Logoclic, BGEFull Stack Design brands I worked with - arte, Schöffel, mdr, PSI, Inscyd, Ard, Logoclic, BGE
Full Stack Designer Maxim Knorz Portrait

That's me

My name is Maxim Knorz. I help businesses like yours to transmit meaningful messages and create strong brands.

Who am I?

Design is what I make possible for you.

Together we build moving stories backed by something.
Show your soul, reach your goals. Love your business.

Let’s drop some facts. I work as a

Full Stack Designer

and this is what I can help you with...


  • Design Research
  • Workshops
  • Using Post-Its
  • Design Thinking
  • Facilitation
  • Innovation


  • Branding
  • Motion Design
  • Drawing Circes
  • Graphic Design
  • Print & Packaging


  • Animation
  • Websites like this one
  • Illustration
  • Saying "Hello"
  • Very Social Media

Work Work Work

Save the planet by design

Sometimes projects are just for fun and glamor.
But now it's time to focus on the businesses that make real positive impact.
By the way I'm based in Germany, but English so much more fun.

Just a Freelancer?

Complex projects are handled by me with ease. Thanks to a network of professionals - the good ones. I got experience like somebody else. I have been working for many years.

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Maxim Knorz


+49 (0) 159 06 05 90 99

Hirtenende 15
16278 Angermünde