In my current showreel you can see divers Motion Design projects I worked with clients and included personal projects.

Opening scene process

The intro I made to convey my personality based in three key words: Motion Designer, Problem Solver, Human. Today I have evolved and my focused changed al little. Though I still stand behind this work. The design and colors were based on my previous website design.

Motion Design Showreel Process - Maxim Knorz

Motion Desinger

A lot of my work is motion design. In the showreel I focus on all the animated work. This is a huge part and passion of me and especially in the past the main chunk of time I helped my clients with telling awesome stories.

Showreel Process Problem Solver animated GIF

Problem Solver

I use post-its to solve problems - and my brain, heart and hands. In workshops I help my clients focus and get things done. Before we start making stuff look beautiful it is important get the strategy right. Running fast but in the wrong direction will bring you nowhere.

Showreel Design Process - Full Stack Designer Maxim Knorz - Motion Design GIF


The personal part plays a huge role in the design work. In every project past experiences will influence the outcome. So I want to emphasis not to neglect the human connection between us all even in the business world.

Work Work Work